Malcolm Beattie, Artist (4 works)

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At Anchor,metung

Height 102cm x Width 76cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Seascape

© Malcolm Beattie

NRN# 000-1543-0232-01

Exhibit# 23


Height 80cm x Width 63cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Humanity

© Malcolm Beattie

NRN# 000-1543-0235-01

Exhibit# 26

Dappled Light, Avignon

Height 100cm x Width 80cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Streetscape

© Malcolm Beattie

NRN# 000-1543-0236-01

Exhibit# 24

Portofino, Italy

Height 40cm x Width 50cm

Oil on Hardwood

Genre: Landscape

© Malcolm Beattie

NRN# 000-1543-0248-01

Exhibit# 25


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