Kevin Boucher, Artist (5 works)

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Roses In Bloom

Height 99cm x Width 65cm


© Kevin Boucher

NRN# 000-1573-0170-01

Exhibit# 34

Young And Jackson

Height 56cm x Width 66cm

Watercolour on Paper

© Kevin Boucher

NRN# 000-1573-0171-01

Exhibit# 37

Saint Pauls Cathedral Melbourne

Height 72cm x Width 60cm

Watercolour on Paper

© Kevin Boucher

NRN# 000-1573-0184-01

Exhibit# 35

Training On The Yarra

Height 44cm x Width 62cm


© Kevin Boucher

NRN# 000-1573-0195-01

Exhibit# 36

Autumn Tones. Southbank.

Height 38cm x Width 54cm


© Kevin Boucher

NRN# 000-1573-0196-01

Exhibit# 33


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