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Artwork submissions for the 2021 Art Show  begin on the Friday 9th. of October 2021

You will need to submit your artwork via the Gallery 247  Art Show website for our Art Show.


Gallery247 login here
Gallery247 Register here

Delivering Art to the show

In person or by courier to:
Kensington Town Hall (30-34 Bellair Street, Kensington Victoria 3031) on 

 Wednesday 24th. of March 2021 between12:00 noon & 6:00PM. 

It is preferable your artworks are delivered via courier, rather than Australia Post.

Australia Post has now advised us that they will not deliver your artwork to an Australia Post PO Box. 

The Kensington Town Hall will not receive any artworks for this Art Show through Australia Post.

If you need to use Australia Post to deliver your artworks, they will need to be sent to the following address:

15/120 Newman St, Kensington.

This is a personal home address, where reasonable care will be taken.

Please be aware that the return of your artwork via Australia Post may present difficulties re cost, safe re-packaging and insurance.  

The Rotary Club of Flemington Kensington will send you an invoice for the return postage, insurance and the $10 handling fee.

Your artwork will be returned to you, once payment has been received for this invoice. You will be emailed a  tracking number.

Please have your Postal Art Work delivered by 5pm Mon 22/3/21.

The Rotary Club of Flemington Kensington is thrilled that that COVID requirements of the Victorian Government will allow its Art Show to be held as a face-to-face event.  

However, we still need to adhere to the current COVIDSafe settings: The COVIDSafe Plan is posted on the Flemington Art Show website:

Delivery of your art works on Wednesday 12 noon - 6pm 24 March

When you deliver, register and assist to hang your artwork at the Town Hall on Wednesday afternoon 24 March, the following requirements will need to be adhered to:

  • Face masks must be worn inside the Town Hall.

  • Electronic record keeping of visitors is required and this needs to be done via the Victorian Govt QR code.  Please download the Service Victoria app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store before arriving at the Town Hall.

  • Alternatively, there will be paper and pen for people to record their first name and phone number. However, the Townhall requests that visitors use the QR code wherever possible, thank you.

  • All visitors need to aim to keep 1.5 metre distance from each other, wherever possible.

  • Visitors are to follow the arrows marked on the floor to ensure only one-way traffic.

  • Exit will not be via the front door, rather out a side door from the Main Hall or the Supper Room.

Please understand that with these requirements, the registration process of your artwork may take longer. We will endeavour to be as efficient as possible. Arriving earlier in the afternoon, rather than after 5pm, would be appreciated, where possible. Thank you.



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